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Dozens of unpaid invoices. No contact with the debtor. Constant excuses that maybe later, not now. You have theoretically earned money but you do not have enough money to pay your subcontractors. You start losing financial liquidity. The company's situation is becoming more and more tenuous because of cash flow difficulties.

This is a well-known scenario around the world and Portugal is no exception. What's more, in the rankings regarding B2B payment delays in Europe Portugal is one of the worst culprits. In recent years the amount of bad debt has reached dangerous levels and has undermined the viability of thousands of Portuguese companies. Cash flow problems grow, having a knock-on effect on a company’s ability to pay on time. This situation destabilizes the entire economy. The market methods of collecting bad debt are not always effective enough. Legal action is the final and most costly step. Projeto Dívidas.pt introduces a new form of fighting debt. Via three separate online services, we want to encourage companies to settle their overdue payments and be vigilant about payment deadlines for their future financial obligations. It is a additional tool to current debt collection methods. It should be viewed as more psychological form of fighting dishonest contractors. The whole project is also an excellent basis for verifying future contractors in terms of their integrity and financial standing. We help to recover debts and warn against dishonest or unstable companies.

Projeto Dívidas.pt offers Portuguese companies legitimate, easy to implement and cheap online solutions that should help in recovering arrears, improve cash flow and encourage the use of good business practices, such as receiving payments on time.
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Until recently, Portuguese businesses had the opportunity to verify only the tax debt of individual companies. But the debts between the companies also testify to credibility and financial liquidity.
As a part of Projeto Dívidas.pt, we launched the National Registry of Debts. This is a service used to register overdue corporate debts, such as invoices, loans, leasing, insurance, and therefore not tax debts but related to daily business operations. Our goal is to collect information on the quantity and scale of overdue corporate debts on the Portuguese market in one place. It is a database of indebted, and therefore dangerous and unreliable companies. Everyone can verify any company and assess the risk of possible future trade.

National Registry of Debts


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Troca de Dívidas - the first online service used to sell overdue corporate debts, such as invoices, loans, leasing, insurance, and therefore not tax debts but related to daily business operations. By issuing debts for sale, you can get your money back and force the debtor to respond. Many businesses have already found this very effective as unreliability and bad debt will become public knowledge. There are many reasons why someone may want to buy this debt. This is an uncomfortable and dangerous situation for the debtor. Try it. Make an offer, inform the debtor and leave him with this problem. If you don't achieve any effect, at least you will warn others. This is an important gesture of solidarity towards other businesses.

Troca de Dívidas


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One of the goals of any company should be fair market activity. And one of the aspects of such activities is the timely execution of your payments.
Projeto Dívidas.pt is aimed not only at warning against dishonest debtors (via Registo Nacional de Dívidas and Troca de Dívidas services). We believe that honest companies should be able to show others that it is worth tradeing with them. This is why we have created the Empresa Confiável certificate. Any company that does not have overdue debts, or despite exceeding the deadline, pays and is in contact with its creditor, fulfills the criteria for having a Empresa Confiável certificate. Joining a certification program is not just a way to show your reliability - it is also the promotion of good business practices.

Reliable Company


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Ecomfactory - IT Solutions, Lda is a new investment group operating on the Portuguese e-commerce and online services market. We specialize in solutions supporting existing services and launch our own commercial projects. Our goal is to consolidate our position on the basis of stable and modern B2B and B2C online services. We use the latest technologies, we rely on experienced teams and implement the highest standards.

In recent years, there has been a radical development of internet services in Portugal, which due to their availability, ease of use and range of offer are becoming more and more interesting for clients and investors. Certain areas of this market has not been developed yet. We fill these gaps by implementing innovative and expected services and websites. We closely monitor global trends and solutions. We launch online services that are lacking in Portugal and which have proved to be very useful in other countries. We are interested in various fields of this industry, we finance interesting and promising projects and support young businesses.

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